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Kerala Police

A Project of Kerala Police and Keltron

Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan Chief Minister, Kerala

I take great pleasure in saying that the CIMS (Central Intrusion Monitoring System) of the Kerala Police is a notable initiative which will make a mark in its history. This will undoubtedly be worthy of emulation by the counterparts in other States of the country. This move will go a long way in protecting life and property of the citizens, especially that of women and children. My best wishes to the Kerala Police force which is setting an exemplary model of ensuring around the clock security where and when it is needed the most.

Shri. Loknath Behera DGP, Kerala Police

KELTRON's prestigious project CIMS (Central Intrusion Monitoring System) is destined to take Kerala's new age security missions to greater heights. Being the no 1 police force in the country, Kerala police is poised to use innovative technology like CIMS in policing. CIMS will help prevent and detect crimes.

Central Intrusion Monitoring System

Central Intrusion Monitoring System a Complete Revolution in Safety!

The Central Intrusion Monitoring System (CIMS) presented by the Kerala State Police Department boasts of technology that conforms with international standards as well as high-end hardware and software to safeguard individuals and high value assets with never before precision and effectiveness. CIMS is powered by the states very own electronic giant 'Keltron' and a technologically driven cell of the Police Department.

Unlike CCTV, which is just a visual based aid, the CIMS is a unique synchronization of a combination of motion detectors, smoke detectors, gas detectors, temperature detectors, magnetic contacts, shutter door contacts, shock sensors, photoelectric beams, glass break detectors, and of course high-quality cameras. All this, with live results as and when it matters the most!

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Central Intrusion Monitoring System - Malayalam

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Advantages of CIMS

Bank Security

When you own or manage a business, bank or any sort of commercial establishment, your responsibilities regarding its safety are countless.

Jewellery Security

CIMS is equipped with motion detectors and shock sensors which perceives any irregular event taking place in the shop and triggers alarms while simultaneously notifying the police about the activity, allowing them to monitor the intrusion, and take relevant action whitin minutes of the incident.

Public Assets Security

In places of worship and government asset-keeping establishments such as museums and treasuries wherein the assets have historic and cultural significance, CIMS can effectively protect national treasures.

Money Exchange Security

The money exchange links the establishments to the police control room, where a monitoring station keeps track of the premises and alerts the police regarding any threat to the commercial establishments registered under CIMS.

Home Security

There is nothing more important than knowing that your loved ones are safe. Threats could come in various forms like burglary, fire, gas leakage, flooding or even minor explosions. In order to ensure that all these remain protected at all times, secure your home with the best security measures possible.

Educational Institutions Security

From kindergarten school to professional colleges and hostels, CIMS can work round the clock to monitor the safety of our education institutions, and the society in general.

What They Say

Major Clients

Kerala Manufactures Jewellery, Thrissur
S T Jewellery, Thrissur
Meralda Jewels, Calicut
Josco Jewellers, Kochi
Josco Jewellers, Thrissur
Kirthi Diamonds, Kochi
Karnataka Bank, Ernakulam
ESAF Nidhi Limited, Thrissur
S T Jewellers, Palakkad
Shymas Honda, Allapuzha
Adhyapaka Urban Co-operative Bank, Pampady Kottayam
Adhyapaka Urban Co-operative Bank, Chingavanom Kottayam
G J Gold & Diamonds, Thrissur
Ajay & Co Jewellery, Thrissur
Vadakumbagam Bank, Edapally Kochi
Vadakumbagam Bank, Ponekkara Kochi
Konikkara gold, Thrissur
A S Jewellers, Thrissur
Robins Gold, Thrissur
Nakshatra Gold & Diamonds, Aluva Kochi
Nakshatra Gold & Diamonds, Perumbavoor Kochi
Kairali Jewellers, Thrivananthapuram
Lakshmi Jewellery, Kochi
Moon Rise Jewellery, Thrissur
TPR Gold & Diamonds, Thrissur
Louis Phillippe, Aluva Kochi
Swasraya Nidhi Limited
Alappuzha Govt. Servant's Co-Operative Bank
Malavika Jewellery, Thiruvananthapuram
Malavika Jewellery - Main Branch

The best technology hand in hand with the best technicians!

At the CIMS control room located in the Police Headquarters, Trivandrum, a highly efficient camera monitoring system is in place, along with next generation security systems monitoring every channel and threat to security. The state-of-the-art hardware and software, integrates smartly with various intrusion and alarm systems installed in all the CIMS enabled premises across Kerala.

The CIMS verifies the signal and transmits it appropriately to the nearest Police Control Room and the Customers, Fire Department, Health Department or any Governmental agencies within the Kerala state. Trained personnel comprising of the best of both, the Police Department and Keltron are on duty 24x7, diligently monitoring threats to your business, residence or premises where the CIMS is in place.


CIMS - The unmatched power of going live

CIMS is a 'total security system' that notifies you and the police within 3 -7 seconds from the moment an intrusion takes place in your property and can even bring the police to your premises within minutes of a break-in of any type or intensity.

A sensor supercharged system like the CIMS helps both the police and you in identifying all types of intrusions into your property, Live! Additionally, with complete 24 x 7 monitoring support, the CIMS has provisions that will streamline the process of registering a case as soon as any incident of intrusion occurs. A dedicated control room intimates the nearest police station, which would then take necessary action to curb the event in question.

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