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With the use of state-of-the-art technology, the installation of the devices is done by teams of highly qualified and trained engineers and technicians to ensure the best quality of work and speedy completion of projects.

Site Inspection

A team of technicians will visit the customers premises every 3 months to visually check all the sensors and devices installed to ensure smooth running of the system and accommodate any requirements.

Quick response

In the case of a break in or a trigger of any one of the sensors the Control Room will receive transitions of live video feed from the secured premises within seconds. Once the threat is verified by the Control room, the patrolling units nearest to the premises will be dispatched for immediate response.


The devices installed constantly emit signals to the Control Room every 3 minutes. In case any of the devices malfunction the Control room will be able to identify the faulty device and the technical team will be dispatched to resolve the issue.

24x7 monitoring

Once connected with the system the premises will be under the supervision of the Kerala Police 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any exceptions. The team works tirelessly to ensure round the clock services.


The system is designed in a way which allows for video footage to be transmitted to the Control Room only in case of one of the sensors have been triggered or tampered with. If the sensors haven’t been triggered or tampered, although the cameras will be active for viewing and recording on customer site, it will not be broadcasted to the Control Room.

Peace of mind

With this system installed, one can feel free to leave their assets for a prolonged period of time knowing that it is monitored by the Kerala Police 24 x 7.

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