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Since the break in is being watched by the Kerala Police the complete incident is visually recorded. In addition to that the FIR will be issued by the Police at the same time.

 The system will notify the control room once any of the sensors are triggered. The footage of the respective CCTV’s will begin to stream in the Control Room. The designated Police officer will verify if the threat is genuine or a false alarm. Once the threat is identified the owner of the premises is contacted by the designated officer in the Control Room and informed of the intrusion.

The system can be considered as a local security system until there is a break in. i.e. the system is used as a normal CCTV system. The system will start transmitting signals to the control room only if one of the sensors have been triggered or tampered with. This ensures that customers privacy is not breached.

CIMS is a 'total security system' that notifies you and the police within 3 -10 seconds from the moment an intrusion takes place in your property and can even bring the police to your premises within minutes of a break-in, of any type or intensity. A sensor super charged system like the CIMS helps both the police and you in identifying all types of intrusions into your property, Live! Additionally, with complete 24 x 7 monitoring support, the CIMS has provisions that will streamline the process of registering a case as soon as any incident of intrusion occurs. 

The motion detectors will alert you if someone is prowling around in the home, picking up on various changes such as temperature, vibration or radiation etc. in the spaces that the person moves in. Even with these there are various type involved.  

We fall under the purview of the Government of Kerala and India in associated with Kerala police and Keltron.

The costs among our products vary from model to model. We suggest that you have a conversation with us to understand the product and respective price.

Like we said before, each solution works best when it has been customised. It makes no sense for you to have a system that is equipped with more components than are necessary for you. So you will need to consider what type of installation you will want, where you want your control panel to be located, how many sensors are necessary for your home and the business place. 

CIMS equipped with motion and smoke detectors, and this allows alarms to be set off as soon as an irregular amount of smoke is detected in the building. The alarm alerts you, the CIMS control room and the nearest police station, ensuring help is at hand within minutes of the occurrence taking place. 

This again depends on the individual requirement of each client. Wireless systems are capable of providing a more streamlined installation whereas wired can sometimes be more reliable. Have a chat with us to determine the best option for you.

Because criminals would not be willing to risk having themselves caught on camera as they are committing a crime. There are various camera types, all with high-definition and ability to discreetly capture data. 

We have various kinds of systems on offer, each serving different purposes. Contact us and we can take you through each of these options available and narrow down on a system that works best for you.

Having CIMS in place acts as a preventative measure, you will always be prepared in the event of a break-in, burglary attempt or any accidents such as fire, gas leakage, or flooding. With CIMS, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have ensured the safety of your family and 24X7 Kerala police is monitored. Seeing a security system is place can even deter criminals from attempting a robbery of your house.

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