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Central Intrusion Monitoring System
a Complete Revolution in Safety!

The Central Intrusion Monitoring system (CIMS) is aimed at assisting the Police department of the Kerala Government by implementing state-of-the-art infrastructure that is competitive by International standards. It is backed by high end technologies to ensure the safety of the property and wealth of high value business entities like Banks, ATMs, Treasuries, Currency chests, Co-operative banks, establishments like Jewelries, Electronics and Mobile shops as well as homes etc. by linking these establishments directly to the Police department on a 24 X 7 basis for the first time in India. The CIMS provides supervisory services and also act as watchman remotely. With the goal of achieving maximum safety and security for its end users, The CIMS endeavors to give peace of mind to its clients with a highly streamlined process that is both efficient and cost effective.

Once a property is armed with CIMS, it is linked to the monitoring station which is located at the CIMS Control room in the Police headquarters premises. The Control room is equipped with special hardware and network video management software to communicate with intrusion alarm systems and camera systems installed in the client's premises. Whenever a threat event occurs on the client's premises, the sensors trigger an alarm to the control panel. The alarm panel then connects the event type through ADSL / leased line to the Central Intrusion Monitoring System and at the same time triggers an alarm within 3-7 seconds in the video management systems where all the camera systems are connected to the CIMS. Once the alarm is raised, the Police gets access to live video footage of the premises in order to verify the threat.

Since the alarm system is installed at different zones and with special sensors in each zone, the event can be easily tracked with the zone information and the relevant surveillance cameras can be monitored quickly to react to any type of event. The system will provide complete information such as district, address of the client, contact details of the client, map details with latitude and longitude, nearest police station details, police contact information, event details, time & type of event, zone identification, event logs, operator status, video backups, etc. At the time of any threat event, the CIMS software will automatically record and keep the intrusion event stored for 3 months apart from the 24 X 7 recording on the premises. The entire CIMS is fully equipped with failsafe servers and redundant storage facility.

In case of any alarm or event triggers from the site, the CIMs monitoring officials will respond to the event and coordinate with the police department and at the same time record all the events during alarm trigger till it is disarmed or responded to.

An individual or entity that requires 24-hour police monitoring can approach either the police department or KELTRON for registration and get linked to the main CIMS control room. If a client wishes to get registered for the services of the CIMS, they will be visited by a technical consultant from KELTRON's team of CIMS experts to assess the type of device or devices required, such as control panel, surveillance cameras, DVR, sensors, cabling etc. needed to ensure that the property is guarded from all directions and will submit a budgetary proposal to the client.

Advantages of CIMS

Quick response to any event happening anywhere in the state.

Assists the Police Department to accelerate the efficiency in crime management.

The cutting edge technology first time in India.

All panic buttons are always connected and monitored at the central control center. Keep evidences of all the events and reports to the police and also to insurance companies, if needed.

Special training for you or your staff about the basic essentials needed for system handling and to arm and disarm the CIMS at site.

Special care will be given on request, when you are out on a long holiday with family, or any important occasions.

Peace of mind for corporate, industries and families.

Periodic client site inspection is done to ensure optimal efficiency of the CIMS system installed.

Reduction of manpower for security needs.

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